E-Commerce SEO meaning in English

E-Commerce SEO

What is E-Commerce SEO?

E-commerce SEO is focused on increasing organic visibility, traffic and sales for e-commerce related websites.

E-commerce SEO involves all standard aspects of SEO, as well as optimising e-commerce specific elements such as the store homepage, product listings, product categories, and navigational elements such as faceted navigation.

E-commerce homepage

The homepage of an e-commerce store is often the most important page of a website in terms of SEO.

Ideally the homepage should provide suitable methods of navigation to reach all areas of the website, in particular key products and product categories.

Product listings

Product listings are another key area of e-commerce SEO.

There are multiple elements that can be optimised on product listings, such as titles, product descriptions, and associated product schema structured data.

Product categories

Product categories are a vital element of ecommerce SEO.

Product category opitmisation may look at areas such as the category description text, internal linking, pagination and canonicalisation, as well as product schema structured data.

E-commerce Navigation

E-commerce navigation SEO looks at how the navigational systems on an ecommerce site can be improved.

There are multiple navigation systems that can be optimised, including: Mobile navigation, mega menus, onsite search, breadcrumbs, product filters and faceted navigation.


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