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Bard is Google's new AI powered chatbot answer service.

Google announced Bard officially on the 6th of February 2023 in a series of Twitter posts and on Google's official 'The Keyword' blog.

Bard is powered by Google's LaMDA (Language Models for Dialog Applications). LaMDA is a neural network that has been trained on a massive dataset of text and code.

Initially Bard will be released with a lightweight version of LaMDA which will require less computing power to run.

Although Google responding with an AI chatbot service to counter ChatGPT was expected, many commentators in the industry were shocked to see that from initial screenshots and animations Bard does not appear to clearly cite sources - despite being powered by information taken from websites around the internet.

Bard was fully released to the public in March 2023.


Bard can answer questions, generate text, translate languages, and write different kinds of creative content.

In April 2023 Google announced in a blog post that Bard can now help users to code.

We asked Bard to generate a concise list of features, and this was the reply:

  • Comprehensive answers to questions
  • Creative text formats
  • Language translation
  • Creative content
  • Coding
  • Research assistance
  • Writing assistance
  • Creative project assistance
  • Fun and engaging conversation


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