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We can help increase your organic traffic audit your website outreach to industry bloggers build and optimise WordPress sites train your in-house teams

⚑ Live Reporting

24/7 access to our advanced ecommerce reporting and rank tracking dashboard means you never have to wait for a monthly report again.

πŸ“š Knowledge base

Learn about SEO from the experts and get bespoke training on demand. Access our industry-leading SEO glossary and knowledge base.

πŸ€– AI SEO Chatbot

Get instant answers to 100s of different SEO questions with our custom built chatbot, available via Google Assistant, Skype, or web-app.

What is SEO?

SEO helps you generate extra traffic to your website from people using Google and other search engines.

Types of SEO (and areas we work in) are:

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The main aims of SEO are to:

  • Help create a website that is both user and search engine friendly
  • Get the right type of visitors that will convert into customers
  • Increase organic search visibility & keyword rankings
  • Reduce the cost of acquiring customers from costly PPC campaigns

πŸ”§ Onsite & Technical SEO

Onsite SEO is the science of auditing and optimising a website for best SEO performance

Onsite SEO looks at areas such as technical SEO, content optimisation, website speed and HTTPS.

At the start of every campaign and on an ongoing basis we would perform SEO audits to ensure your website is fully optimised.

We don’t just run automated audits – we spend hours conducting bespoke holistic and forensic analysis of your website to find issues and opportunities.

Onsite Technical SEO

πŸ›’ Ecommerce SEO

ROI ROI ROI - the only thing that matters in Ecommerce SEO

Whether you are working with a custom CMS or an ecommerce platform like Magento, WooCommerce or Shopify, at Search Candy we have the tools and experience to help you smash your sales targets.

Our combination of technical expertise and advanced ecommerce link building has delivered results for customers around the world.

Ecommerce SEO

🌍 International SEO

Clean up and dominate your International SEO

We have worked with giant international sites and know how important it is to get international right.

International SEO can be complex. Mixes of languages, websites, locations and duplicate content all need to be optimised for best performance.

International SEO

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Blogger Outreach

Outreaching to & influencing niche industry bloggers

We have built up a huge database of bloggers that have opted in to work with us. If you are a blogger you can sign up here.

The exclusive and long-term relationships we have with our bloggers allow us to quickly and efficiently roll out big campaigns in a variety of niches.

Blogger Outreach

Google Google Jobs & Recruitment SEO

Optimise your Google Jobs search listings - dominate your niche

We provide SEO services for recruitment agencies in Manchester, London, and around the UK that deliver new clients and candidates.

From Google Jobs search listing optimisation to our advanced SEO dashboard – we provide everything your recruitment agency needs to achieve SEO success.

Recruitment SEO

πŸ”— Offsite SEO

Offsite SEO refers to the backlinks pointing to a website and is crucial to competitive SEO

The backlinks pointing to your website influence how well your website ranks in search engines. Good offsite SEO is the advantage that can push your website ahead of competitors.Β 

We can work to remove spammy links, as well as building new links via premium quality link building, digital PR and content marketing, to push up your site’s link authority.

Offsite SEO

Why Search Candy?

At Search Candy we have over a decade of experience in applying the latest SEO techniques, from technical onsite audits, international SEO, link building and content marketing.

We work and have clients in a range of highly competitive niches, specialising in finance, e-commerce, recruitment and home/interiors.

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