You may have recently noticed that WordPress has started adding rel=”noopener noreferrer” to links by default.

Chrome Begins Push Towards Browser Warnings for Insecure (Non-HTTPS) Websites

Still haven’t made the jump to a secure website? Google have started to roll out browser warnings in Chrome for sites that non-HTTPS websites – and they are going to get more severe.

WordPress Inbound Lead Notifications & Logging - How To Make Sure You Never Miss A Contact Form Message

For many businesses, acting on an inbound lead quickly can be the difference between making a new customer, and getting through to a voicemail.


For those of us that like a to keep things tidy, relief has come in the form of an update to Google Search Console allowing users to organise sites into groups.

Google to Boost Mobile Friendly Site Rankings Again in May

Google have announced they will be giving a further boost to mobile-friendly websites in May.


We thought we would put together a quick guide on how to create static and XML product sitemaps for WooCommerce.

30 Slides From #BrightonSEO September 2015

A full round-up of all the slides from September 2015’s BrightonSEO conference.

10 SEO and Digital Marketing Job Tips opt

Manchester and nearby Salford have a thriving online and digital marketing sector, with hundreds of agencies, as well as many thousands of companies and organisations all requiring staff.