39 #BrightonSEO September 2015 Slidedecks

A full round-up of all the slides from September 2015’s BrightonSEO conference.

As ever, a fantastic BrightonSEO with loads of great talks.

Greg Gifford’s deck seemed to get the most comments on Twitter, partially due its size at a whopperific 128 slides. That’s just showing off Greg.

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Updated: 39 slides now added.


Kelvin Newman – How to have less rubbish ideas


Samantha Noble – How to Compete on Google Shopping


Paddy Moogan – Reverse Engineering Successful Content


Gianluca Fiorelli – An Actionable Guide to Keywords and Topical Research


Jon Henshaw – On-Page SEO for Mobile


Greg Gifford – Local SEO – A Seriously Awesome Blueprint


Aleyda Solis – The Technical Marketer Toolbox


Mindy Gofton – Finding the Words: Getting Customer Buy-in for Your SEO Strategies


Mark Thomas – Google are pushing HTTPS hard. Why? And, when should you act?


Christoph C. Cemper – How to Measure the Real Success of Content Marketing


Paul Madden – A Systematic Approach to Managing Relationship & Links


Pete Campbell – From SERPs to Markup: How to Increase Your Earned Traffic


Jackson Rawlings – Tapping into local culture for marketing campaigns


Gerald Murphy – SERPs: From keyword to click


Razvan Gavrilas – Dominating Organic Search using Cutting-Edge SEO Analysis


Hannah Thorpe – Ideation to Impact: How to Create and Sell a Digital Marketing Asset


Emma Andrews – Trading channel and departmental data for campaign success


David Mihm – Maximizing Your Local Search Presence in 2016+

David Mihm – Maximizing Your Local Search Presence in 2016+


Charlie Williams – Understanding your audience; Agile thinking & our content


Chelsea Blacker – 12 Actionable Tips To Become The Content Authority In Your Niche


Tanya Korobka – How to master digital PR


Steve Linney – Why the digital skills gap is good for you


Jon Earnshaw – Is your content working better for someone else?


Emily Hill – Mining Google Analytics for Content Ideas


Rebecca Lee – A Supercharged Approach To PR SEO Success


Stacey MacNaught – Your Content is Awesome – Now What?


Emily Mace – Internationalisation: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


Pippa Moyle – Merging Your Business Into The 24 Hour News Cycle


Tara West – Custom Audiences: The Crown Jewel of Facebook Advertising


Alex Moss – Tools & Tips to Improve Internal Productivity & Efficiency


Chris Green – Cannibal Content – Stop Your Website From Eating Itself


David Whatley – A physical address is a strategic asset in search! How to leverage an address in search


Tomas Vaitulevicius – Large Site SEO Architecture


Gianpaolo Lorusso – Is your AdWords account really optimized?


Simon Penson – Top SEO Tips For Bloggers



Yauhen Khutarniuk – Running SEO on shoestring budget


Beverley Brown – The source of global content quality


Ann Stanley – Benefits of using Marketing Automation Software as part of your SEO and content marketing strategy


Prabhat Shah – Optimising Products for Amazon Search


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You can find the slides from the April 2015 conference here.

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Colin McDermott
Colin McDermott
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