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With some fairly rudimentary search skills it is possible to both find and monitor for compromised web-pages and parasite SEO spam.


Earlier this month Google published a new JavaScript SEO basics document.

Another month, another algorithm update from Google.

This is a common yet quite technical question, which can leave even some experienced SEOs scratching their heads to work out.

You may have recently noticed that WordPress has started adding rel=”noopener noreferrer” to links by default.

Google Remind Webmasters to Nofollow Widget Links

In a blog post yesterday on the Google Webmaster Central Blog, Agnieszka Łata of the Trust & Safety Search Team and Webmaster Relations Specialist Eric Kuan reminded webmasters to avoid breaking the Webmaster Guidelines with links in widgets.

Google to Boost Mobile Friendly Site Rankings Again in May

Google have announced they will be giving a further boost to mobile-friendly websites in May.

30 Slides From #BrightonSEO September 2015

A full round-up of all the slides from September 2015’s BrightonSEO conference.