32 #BrightonSEO 2015 Slide Decks

All the Brighton SEO 2015 slide decks in one place.

Brighton SEO is without a doubt the UK’s largest and best SEO conference.

We have pulled together all the slides we could find and listed them below.

If we are missing a deck feel free to ping us a tweet @SearchCandy or get in touch.

New! You can find the September 2015 BrightonSEO slide decks here.

Update: Have added a bunch of extra decks that came through, and an index so you can jump straight to a specific deck.


Erica McGillivray – Show Your Flare and Pivot for Social Image Sharing


Krystian Szastok – DIY Data Visualisation to Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy


Christoph C. Cemper – Looking at 3 Years of Google Penguin Updates and Beyond


Samuel Scott – Stop Thinking About Links – Think About Publicity!


Paul Shapiro – The Actionable Guide to Doing Better Semantic Keyword Research


Vicke Cheung – Ten Lessons in Designing Content for Mobile


Ed Brocklebank – Solving the Offline Conversion Conundrum for Better Digital Marketing Optimisation


Paul Baguley – Everything an SEO Needs to Know About Google Now


Greg Gifford – Local SEO Will Help You Live Long and Prosper


Ian Miller – Context is King


Hannah Smith – Jaws in Space (How to Develop and Pitch Creative Ideas)


Mariana Morris – How good UX can improve SEO


Iain Haywood – Making your Competitions Fun


Rob Bucci – Advanced Competitive Analysis – Three questions only the SERPs can answer


Kirsty Hulse – Schema, JSON-LD & the semantic web


Steve Morgan – 25 Posts in One Month: Co-ordinating a ‘Content Blitz’ Campaign on the Cheap


Mark Thomas – 10 Step Technical SEO Game Plan


Tom Anthony – How to Spot a Bear – An Intro to Machine Learning for SEO


Jon Earnshaw – Cannibalisation: The SEO’s biggest nightmare and how to identify it


Simon Penson – The Head Term is Dead – Leveraging Content to Own the Implicit Query Opportunity


Matthew Barby – 10 Ways to Build a Link in 20 Minutes Flat + Bonus Content


Stephen Kenwright – Guerrilla User Testing for Search


Alec Bertram – Boosting visibility with faceted navigation


Alexandra Tachalova – SEMrush Proactive Competitive Intelligence or “Where the *^%&# Should I Find the Data?!”


Jono Alderson – Doing an AWESOME technical audit


David Bain – How Big Data is Changing SEO


Andrew Hood – Creating Clever Clusters – Segmentation for Profit


Paul Jackson – Creative and Consistent Messaging VS Content Clutter


Shaun Russell – The Art of Search – Applying the lessons of ancient Chinese wisdom to modern search


Dave Naylor – The Future of Search


Rebecca Lee – A Supercharged Approach To PR SEO Success


Natalie Wright – The Power of Backlink Discovery


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Main image: Do real Marketing & PR and the best links will come themselves – Photo by Anna Youngs @ Twitter, used with permission – thanks!


Colin McDermott
Colin McDermott
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