#SAScon 2015 Slides Roundup

We have pulled together all the slides from the SAScon June 2015 conference.

Running for 6 years now, SAScon is Manchester’s premier SEO, search and social conference.

Stretched over two days and three rooms, this year’s June event featured over 30 presentations and workshops.

If we have missed a slide deck, feel free to get in contact or tweet us @SearchCandy.


Stacey MacNaught – Quality Content On Scale


Trent Yunus – Taking conversion optimisation to the next level


Larry Kim – The State of PPC Marketing in 2015 & Beyond


Paddy Moogan – The Future for Marketers – Creativity, Technology & Strategy


Yossi Erdman – Get a Better Idea of How to Use Social Media in a Fun Way and How to Measure it


Aleyda Solis – How SMBs can win in Competitive SEO Sectors


Paul O’Connor – Remarketing Intro


Alex Moss – Tools & Tips to Improve Internal Productivity & Efficiency


Russell McAthy – Attribution – should we care?


Larry Kim – The Top 5 Mobile Advertising Hacks of All Time


Ann Stanley – What’s new in Shopping ads and “buy buttons”


Paul Frampton – Moving From Serving Ads, To Serving People


We hope you have found this collection useful. If you have any comments or know of a deck we have missed please get in touch or leave a comment below.

Main image adapted from a photo by Larry Kim @ Twitter.


Colin McDermott
Colin McDermott
Colin (@ColinMcDermott) is owner and chief SEO nerd at Search Candy, with over a decade of experience building, optimising and marketing websites.