Another month, another algorithm update from Google.


For those of us that like a to keep things tidy, relief has come in the form of an update to Google Search Console allowing users to organise sites into groups.

How will Google changing to Alphabet affect SEO or Digital Marketing?

Will the shock news from the start of this week that Google is partially re-branding itself as Alphabet have an impact on SEO, PPC or any other part of the digital marketing industry? Read on for our predictions and expert opinion.

Christopher Wren 382nd Birthday Google Doodle

Google have celebrated the 382nd birthday of British architect Christopher Wren with a doodle on the homepage.

How should one person’s right to be forgotten be balanced with the public’s right to know?

Google has asked for feedback from the public on the EU Court of Justice ruling that there exists a right to be forgotten, and that the search engine should comply with reasonable requests for this in their search results.

Google's London office - Photo by Marcin Wichary

Google has this week launched a new $100m (£58m) venture fund, headquartered near London’s Silicon Roundabout area.

Business Owner in US Takes Google To Court For Google Maps Listing Error - Image copyright Google Maps

The owner of a Washington DC restaurant is reportedly taking Google to court over Google Maps listing errors that apparently caused him to lose business.

Google have celebrated the birthday of William John Swainson, an English ornithologist born on the 8th October 1789.