Kid with jetpack

In April the team at Jetpack redesigned the settings user interface, and in our opinion it has made turning off some features more than a little confusing.

Chrome Begins Push Towards Browser Warnings for Insecure (Non-HTTPS) Websites

Still haven’t made the jump to a secure website? Google have started to roll out browser warnings in Chrome for sites that non-HTTPS websites – and they are going to get more severe.

Google Remind Webmasters to Nofollow Widget Links

In a blog post yesterday on the Google Webmaster Central Blog, Agnieszka Łata of the Trust & Safety Search Team and Webmaster Relations Specialist Eric Kuan reminded webmasters to avoid breaking the Webmaster Guidelines with links in widgets.

22 Free Stock Photography Sites for Blog Posts & Content Marketing

If you work in digital marketing or have a blog you probably know the hunt for awesome free stock photos never ends, so we put together a list of 22 sites on which you can find free stock photos for your creative endeavors.

WordPress Inbound Lead Notifications & Logging - How To Make Sure You Never Miss A Contact Form Message

For many businesses, acting on an inbound lead quickly can be the difference between making a new customer, and getting through to a voicemail.


For those of us that like a to keep things tidy, relief has come in the form of an update to Google Search Console allowing users to organise sites into groups.

Google to Boost Mobile Friendly Site Rankings Again in May

Google have announced they will be giving a further boost to mobile-friendly websites in May.

How To Display WebP Images with a JPG/PNG Fallback Using the <picture> Element

A quick guide on WebP, why you would want to use it, and how to quickly implement WebP on your website using the <picture> element (or an automated solution for WordPress).