You may have recently noticed that WordPress has started adding rel=”noopener noreferrer” to links by default.

We have put together a quick guide to creating a static/HTML sitemap in WordPress without having to install a plugin.

Kid with jetpack

In April the team at Jetpack redesigned the settings user interface, and in our opinion it has made turning off some features more than a little confusing.

WordPress Inbound Lead Notifications & Logging - How To Make Sure You Never Miss A Contact Form Message

For many businesses, acting on an inbound lead quickly can be the difference between making a new customer, and getting through to a voicemail.


We thought we would put together a quick guide on how to create static and XML product sitemaps for WooCommerce.

How To Disable Emojis in WordPress

As of WordPress 4.2, by default WordPress includes support for Emojis. Great if that is your cup of tea, but if not, you might want to remove the additional resources Emoji support adds to your webpages.

WordPress / "Error: The password field is empty" - How To Fix

If you have used WordPress in Chrome, more than likely you have come across the super annoying ‘Error: The password field is empty‘ problem at least once – if not multiple times per day!

Find out how to protect your WordPress blog from XML-RPC pingback abuse.