Best WordPress Database Optimization Plugins

A list of the best WordPress database optimization plugins to help speed up your WordPress site.

Update: this article is more than 5 years old now.

I shouldn’t need to explain that a healthy well-optimized database is great for your website. A good database optimization plugin can take entire megabytes of accumulated clutter out of a bloated and unoptimized database.

Top Pick: WP Clean Up

In all testing WP Clean Up beat the other plugins by a mile.

99% of plugins just do the standard MySQL database optimization function.

Unlike the competition WP Clean Up digs deep into the clutter of a typical WordPress database, (optionally) removing:

  • Revisions
  • Drafts
  • Auto Drafts
  • Moderated Comments
  • Spam Comments
  • Trash Comments
  • Orphan Post meta data
  • Orphan Comment meta data
  • Orphan Relationships
  • Dashboard Transient Feed data

Intelligent, or even better *ruthless* use of the above removal tools – combined with the standard database optimization tool will reduce even a well optimized database, and will clean literally 60-80% of redundant data out the typical previously unoptimized database.

WP Database Optimizer

Not as good as WP Clean Up, but does a reasonable job at optimizing your database.

The strength of this plugin is that it is set up out of the box to run automatically at a set period. This means you can set it to optimize your database once a day for example.


As well as a database optimization tool WP-DBManager is a fully featured database management plugin.

The plugin includes functions that allow you to repair, backup, restore, drop/delete tables and run selected queries against the database.

Runners Up

Other basic WordPress database optimization plugins of note:


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Colin McDermott
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