Site Launched

Today we have soft-launched the new Search Candy website.

In the interests of science, and in case anyone was interested, we thought we would lay out some of aims of new site design.

Responsive and Mobile/Tablet Friendly

This one should really go without saying as an aim for any new site design.

The new website is responsive, easy to use, and designed to work well with desktop, mobiles and tablets.


WordPress is our CMS of choice – an exceptional piece of software and brings flexibility and search engine friendliness to the table in equal measure.

Conversion Optimised

The new site is designed to be very CRO and user friendly, with a form on every landing page and clear conversion path at all times.

About Search Candy

Search Candy provide SEO, content marketing and blogger outreach solutions in Manchester and nationally in the UK.

You can visit our new site at


Colin McDermott
Colin McDermott
Colin (@ColinMcDermott) is owner and chief SEO nerd at Search Candy, with over a decade of experience building, optimising and marketing websites.