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Search Candy provide premium quality UK based blogger outreach services.

We can help you promote your content to taste-makers in your community.

Blogger Outreach

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Blogger outreach is a vital part of SEO. Find out how we can help you scale up your influence today.

Search Candy are based in Manchester, UK – and our blogger outreach services include:

  • Content marketing strategies and consultancy
  • SEO-friendly content marketing
  • Content creation – articles, infographics, PRs, micro-sites and more
  • Blogger and industry outreach
  • Social media outreach
  • Content Discovery Networks
  • Paid social advertising

We also provide bespoke blogger outreach as part of our SEO services.

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What is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach is essentially the process of getting in touch with influential bloggers to achieve a particular goal.

Outreach to bloggers can be done for a range of different marketing, social and PR reasons, usually asking bloggers to cover a particular product or service.

Why do Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach can help get your brand or product out to influential people in your industry.

For example if you are providing a baby related product, nothing beats advertising to actually parenting bloggers.

Using blogger outreach services can streamline the process. At Search Candy we work with a range of the best bloggers in the UK already, and can also put together custom campaigns, where we reach out to new bloggers on your behalf.

What niches do you work in?

We work in a range of niches, but specialise in UK financial services and home/interior design blogger outreach.

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