Rank Tracking and Reporting

We have enterprise level search engine rank tracking software available as part of our SEO campaigns.

Every day the position of your keyword is tracked, meaning we capture every movement of your position in the search results.

Search Candy are a specialist SEO company based in Manchester, providing a range of high-end SEO services.

Whether you need help with your local business or are a national brand, we can provide safe, reliable and high quality SEO at an affordable price.

What is Rank Tracking / SERP Tracking?

First of all SERP = Search Engine Result Page. By this we basically mean a page of results in Google.

Next we look at specifically which position in the SERPs your website can be found at.

So for example you might say that you were at position one in the SERPs - meaning you were displayed first.

If you were at position 12 in the SERPs, you would be displayed on the second page of Google's results - as Google usually displays 10 results at a time.

Rank tracking software can keep an eye on what position your are in the SERPs for particular keywords.

The enterprise level rank tracking software we use allows us to track your position up to every 8 hours - though some companies will only tell you your position monthly.

To find out more about rank tracking or our SEO services get in touch.