Keith Haring 54th birthday Google Doodle

Google have celebrated Keith Haring’s 54th birthday with a Google Doodle on the homepage of Google worldwide.

Keith Haring (May 4th, 1958 – February 16th, 1990) was a hugely influential figure in the street art and graphic design world.

Haring’s designs have inspired many with their simple, yet expressive vibrancy.

He painted large murals all over the world, from New York to Amsterdam, Sydney, Paris and the Berlin Wall.

Haring was said to have himself been influenced by the anti-Apartheid movement, AIDS awareness, and the crack cocaine epidemic.

In 1988 Keith was diagnosed with AIDS, and the following year created the Keith Haring Foundation.

As of March 2012 there is a retrospective exhibition of Haring’s work at the Brooklyn Museum in New York.


Colin McDermott
Colin McDermott
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