Welcome to the SEO Chatbot.

I can answer hundreds of different SEO questions instantly ⚡

Example queries: What is link bait? or Why is my website not appearing in Google?

View the dedicated site at SEOChatbot.app

You can chat to the SEO Chatbot via Google Assistant/Google Home, just say “Talk to SEO Chatbot” or click here.

You can also Tweet or DM questions: @SEOChatbot.


An AI powered chatbot built on Google’s Dialogflow framework that has been taught a little bit* about SEO.

(* = Over 800 entities, definitions and questions/answers.)


The way people consume and request information is changing all the time, and we want to stay at the forefront of innovation.

It is also our pleasure to give back to the community with a tool that could be useful for learning and experimentation.

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