Content Marketing for SEO

At Search Candy we specialise in premium quality content marketing for SEO.

We have a wide experience of creating useful, informative and social media friendly web content – that can’t help but be SEO-friendly.

Based in Manchester, we are a content marketing agency with a difference.

Our specialism in SEO, social media and PR allows us to achieve results in ways other agencies cannot match.

Get in touch to find out we can help take your campaign to the next level.

Offsite Content Marketing

From content creation to outreach and placement – Search Candy can manage all aspects of external content marketing for SEO.

We work with a range of UK bloggers and publishers to maximise the reach of your content.

As well as text based content we also work in a range of other mediums, including websites, infographics, social media marketing and more.

Onsite Content Marketing

We can help you create a range of different types of SEO-friendly content for your organisation.

Blogging, web content, infographics, video content and more – get in touch today to find out how we can help.